From Sweden With Löv
Discover a beautiful car from a beautiful land


Our brief was to keep the new Volvo XC60 'top of mind' to consumers between its Geneva debut and the launch of the 'From Sweden With Love' campaign some 9 months later. So, we created a pre-launch 'teaser' phase to tell 6 unique stories about the car that celebrated the car's rich Scandinavian heritage in 6 different ways to 6 different audiences. We then followed this pre-launch phase with an updated campaign site late 2008.


The campaign "From Sweden With Love" presents the new Volvo XC60 as the embodiment of Scandinavian design: built by people for people. So we created a place called Löv - the 'spiritual home' of the XC60 - where you could interact with people who created the car and see how Sweden influenced its unique design as we counted down the days to the car's appearance in Volvo showrooms.

We created an interactive XC60 sculpture, a demo of the XC60's City Safety technology, a Midsummer love song to find your future love, a tour of town explaining the inspiration behind the car's interior, a wild ride with four XC60 test drivers and, in the final pre-launch phase, over 15,000 people all over the world helped co-create the first XC60 billboard that featured everyone's personal messages of Löv on the back.

And when the XC60 finally went on sale late 2008, visitors to the updated campaign site received an interactive personalised postcard; From Sweden With Love, along with an invitation to participate in a unique global project. By voting for their favourite colours, wheel rims and interiors we revealed the world's most loved XC60.

The success of our strategy is borne out by the site attracting well over 2 million visitors even before the TV campaign was aired.

A true labour of Löv.

Pre-Launch Site
(March 2008 - October 2008)

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Launch Site Update
(November 2008 > Onwards)

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